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The success of our grand opening was, in part, thanks to Karen's quick action in getting us a write-up in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Her work and support made a difference.
— Rebecca Clinger, owner, The Crafter's Studio

"Thank you! You were awesome. Your recent Facebook seminar helped me formulate a vision for how to position my business within the social media space. And you left the crowd feeling good, which is a great skill to have."
Frank Horath
Registered Investment Advisor Representative, Clientfirst Financial

"Thank you, Karen, for the great telephone class on LinkedIn. I have joined at least five new groups, have expanded my connections, and re-established the LinkedIn toolbar in my Outlook, all thanks to your audio session. Good stuff I was able to put into practice immediately!"
Kennerly Clay
Executive Recruiter/Trainer and Business Development Director

"You have given me the basics and the confidence to charge forward and embrace Twitter and LinkedIn."
Sue Brooks, Santa Cruz, CA

"You are so informed and vibrant. Great energy! Thanks again for the Twitter lesson. Your handouts are a good way to get started, so no excuses for me."
Sloane Devoto
Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“Thank you again. Your social media talk was a real hit! Well done and much appreciated.”
Bill Tysseling
Executive Director, Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce

"There was a considerable amount of goodwill surrounding your presentation...You have a lot of positive energy and great ideas."
Bonnie Lipscomb
Director of Economic Development and Redevelopment for the City of Santa Cruz, CA

"Good presentation this morning at the Santa Cruz Chamber’s Caffeinated! It deserves at least a half-day workshop. I learned at least 20 new things this morning alone!"
Carol Skolnick
Clear Life Solutions

"It was a great talk, thanks! It was helpful to watch you manage your account on the big screen."
Traci Tompkins
ABC Sedans & Limousines

"Your talk was great. You had a tough job, especially because the people there ranged from newbies to experts."
Tom Honig
Armanasco Public Relations

"Congratulations! You brought us back up to a 5-star rating again for our marketing meet-up. And there were zero no-shows. I would like to get you on the schedule again."
Maggie Barr
Maggie Barr & Associates

“Fabulous class! I never know how much I don't know until I start to learn what I don't know. Thanks again for the great class!”
Carmen Richardson Rutlen

“You have a clear, easy-going style of teaching that I found very effective. What a great talent you have!”
Carol Siegel
Employment Manager, Santa Cruz Seaside Company

“I attended Karen’s workshop on social media and would attend again whatever she presents. It was well worthwhile. She knows her subject and communicated it well.”
Donna Rankin Love

“Thanks for the great class. I really got a lot out of it, and feel others did too. In fact, I went onto LinkedIn and began to set up my account!”
Paula Mahoney
Writer and Producer

“Your class last Saturday was amazingly helpful! In addition to having a lovely persona, you have so much useful information to impart. I am full of ideas as to how to proceed regarding how the get the word out about my present novel when the time comes.
Janice Wittenberg

“Being a complete novice about the business of social media, I was anxious to take her class recently at Capitola Book Cafe. Passion to share what she knows would describe her; I highly recommend her classes!”
Jane Parks-McKay
Writer and Voice-Over Actor

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a very informative presentation this morning. It was very helpful, and I thought you did a great job of giving us a general overview of Twitter in a short period of time.”
Sonia Potts

“With so much to cover I appreciated how organized you were and how you stayed on track. Taking the approach of showing how the mechanical features of Twitter could be used for positioning and building our business was particularly helpful.”
Charlie Zimmerman
Publisher, The Wedding Companion

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Karen has written more than 500 feature stories for international and U.S. magazines, newspapers and online media.

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Karen Kefauver on Facebook Karen Kefauver on Linkedin Karen Kefauver on Twitter Karen Kefauver on YouTube Karen Kefauver on Pinterest

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Picture Perfect — How to Shoot Like the ProsContext Is Key: Beyond the Frames of Famous PhotosWe are all familiar with famous photographs of celebrities, artists, and athletes that show them in all their glory. But have you ever wondered what was going on behind the scenes? Artist Hannah Rothstein shows us that there is a story behind every image — just not the story you imagined...Check out the tutorial below, where you’ll learn some of the skills used in the original powerhouse photos. Or you can really channel your inner Ansel Adams with an in-depth photography course, which breaks down the techniques used by famous photographers.
Not everyone can have the golden shutter skills of Annie Leibovitz or Robert Doisneau. But even if photography isn't your forte, there are a few simple tips you can follow to make each photo you take have maximum impact with minimal effort. Using the famous photos featured in the art above as examples, these tips will get you on the road to radder photos in no time.
  • Claim the
    Whole FrameNo matter what your subject is, it needs to dominate the space. Instead of making Dali's face a small dot on a big background, the photographer got up close and personal with his subject, creating a photo that really grabs the attention.
  • In with
    the NewIn this classic photo, Ansel Adams shares a rare (at the time) image of a pine in Yosemite. Seek out the unnoticed and unusual as a subject for your photos. If you’re taking a shot of something ordinary, make your angle, composition or approach extraordinary.
  • Play
    with PatternsCreate repeated motifs within your photo’s frame. In the Abbey Road photograph, a proliferation of triangular shapes gives the image a whimsical quality and a striking visual presence. The uniformity of the stance of the Beatles and the stripes in the street add visual interest and cohesion. (Need more proof? Check out the blinds in Hepburn photo.)
  • Compose CarefullyThe Rule of Thirds is used to create dynamism and energy in otherwise static images. This classic rule of composition breaks the frame into a 3x3 grid. Here, Adams’ image places main focal points at the intersection of the tri-part grid. Follow this guideline in your photos, and you’ll greatly up your photography ante.
  • Heads Up!When working with portraits, keep the faces toward the top of the frame, as exemplified in the Hepburn portrait. Placing heads at the top of the image uses space efficiently and draws our focus to the most engaging part of the image, the face.
  • Don't
    Say Cheese! The Dali and Hepburn photos demonstrate how intriguing an image can be when its subject isn’t captured with the obligatory smile. Candid expressions have power. See if you can capture your subjects in an authentic state.
  • Keep
    Backgrounds BasicWhen you cut out background visual noise, your focal image becomes stronger. How eye-catching would this Phelps photo be with lane buoys and spectators? What would the Dali image look like against a bookshelf or messy art studio? Part of what makes these photos stand out is the unity of the dominant image.
Photography Tutorial and Illustrated Photography developed by Hannah Rothstein for UdemyArtist Bio:
Hannah Rothstein creates. Born with a contagious can-do attitude, Hannah tackles art through a limitless list of mediums. 98.921% of the time, her work focuses on finding clever, humorous ways to look at ordinary objects and ideas. Hannah currently lives in San Francisco. She has partnered with Udemy to share her creativity and in the Udemy spirit, teach others to do so as well. You can learn more about her work here.
Credit: Share to inspire but please respect this work and credit back to this page.
Timestamp: Wednesday, Apr 8 2015