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The success of our grand opening was, in part, thanks to Karen's quick action in getting us a write-up in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Her work and support made a difference.
— Rebecca Clinger, owner, The Crafter's Studio

"Thank you! You were awesome. Your recent Facebook seminar helped me formulate a vision for how to position my business within the social media space. And you left the crowd feeling good, which is a great skill to have."
Frank Horath
Registered Investment Advisor Representative, Clientfirst Financial

"Thank you, Karen, for the great telephone class on LinkedIn. I have joined at least five new groups, have expanded my connections, and re-established the LinkedIn toolbar in my Outlook, all thanks to your audio session. Good stuff I was able to put into practice immediately!"
Kennerly Clay
Executive Recruiter/Trainer and Business Development Director

"You have given me the basics and the confidence to charge forward and embrace Twitter and LinkedIn."
Sue Brooks, Santa Cruz, CA

"You are so informed and vibrant. Great energy! Thanks again for the Twitter lesson. Your handouts are a good way to get started, so no excuses for me."
Sloane Devoto
Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“Thank you again. Your social media talk was a real hit! Well done and much appreciated.”
Bill Tysseling
Executive Director, Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce

"There was a considerable amount of goodwill surrounding your presentation...You have a lot of positive energy and great ideas."
Bonnie Lipscomb
Director of Economic Development and Redevelopment for the City of Santa Cruz, CA

"Good presentation this morning at the Santa Cruz Chamber’s Caffeinated! It deserves at least a half-day workshop. I learned at least 20 new things this morning alone!"
Carol Skolnick
Clear Life Solutions

"It was a great talk, thanks! It was helpful to watch you manage your account on the big screen."
Traci Tompkins
ABC Sedans & Limousines

"Your talk was great. You had a tough job, especially because the people there ranged from newbies to experts."
Tom Honig
Armanasco Public Relations

"Congratulations! You brought us back up to a 5-star rating again for our marketing meet-up. And there were zero no-shows. I would like to get you on the schedule again."
Maggie Barr
Maggie Barr & Associates

“Fabulous class! I never know how much I don't know until I start to learn what I don't know. Thanks again for the great class!”
Carmen Richardson Rutlen

“You have a clear, easy-going style of teaching that I found very effective. What a great talent you have!”
Carol Siegel
Employment Manager, Santa Cruz Seaside Company

“I attended Karen’s workshop on social media and would attend again whatever she presents. It was well worthwhile. She knows her subject and communicated it well.”
Donna Rankin Love

“Thanks for the great class. I really got a lot out of it, and feel others did too. In fact, I went onto LinkedIn and began to set up my account!”
Paula Mahoney
Writer and Producer

“Your class last Saturday was amazingly helpful! In addition to having a lovely persona, you have so much useful information to impart. I am full of ideas as to how to proceed regarding how the get the word out about my present novel when the time comes.
Janice Wittenberg

“Being a complete novice about the business of social media, I was anxious to take her class recently at Capitola Book Cafe. Passion to share what she knows would describe her; I highly recommend her classes!”
Jane Parks-McKay
Writer and Voice-Over Actor

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a very informative presentation this morning. It was very helpful, and I thought you did a great job of giving us a general overview of Twitter in a short period of time.”
Sonia Potts

“With so much to cover I appreciated how organized you were and how you stayed on track. Taking the approach of showing how the mechanical features of Twitter could be used for positioning and building our business was particularly helpful.”
Charlie Zimmerman
Publisher, The Wedding Companion

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North American Handmade Bicycle Show - A Showcase of Cycling Craft

March 21, 2006

Singletrack Magazine


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show concluded its run earlier this month in San Jose, California. The second annual event showcased 103 exhibitors, with the spotlight squarely upon the 63 frame builders from around the United States and Canada.

Housed in a massive blue tent, the show was well attended and the mood relaxed as visitors wandered from booth to booth to view the builders' latest innovations. Frames for road, track, touring, mountain, downhill, cruisers, built with steel, aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibre and most featuring exquisite attention to detail - there was something for everyone.

Left to right: Is this real wood? I think it might be banister-tastic!

"To be able to meet all these builders and actually have a chance to talk with them is awesome. They are very generous with their time, whether they are superstars or novices," said John Caletti, of Santa Cruz, California, who is launching his own frame building business ( www.cloudnine-design.com ). "I think the goal of the show is to grow this segment of the bike industry. Here, I get to see things that I don't even see in the magazines."

For more on these multi-chained thingies visit Peacock Groove .

"Our mission for the show was simple: Showcase the talents of the best builders of handmade bicycle frames in the world," said the event organizer, Don Walker ( www. donwalkercycles.com ) of Hewitt, Texas. The strategy worked well on the central coast of California: more than 3,000 visitors filled the convention from Friday through Sunday to meet and talk with novice and veteran builders alike and to attend a variety of seminars hosted during the event. "The people are here for the bikes, not the hype," said Walker, who noted that the event had quadrupled in size since the first show, held in Houston, Texas, in 2005.

L-R: A Walker tandem; which is the card cut-out? It wasn't all rigid steel singlespeeds.

Judging by the attendance at the show, perhaps Jan Heine, editor of Vintage Bicycle Quarterly and co-author of "The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles," (Vintage Bicycle Press), who spoke at a seminar on "The Future of Handmade Bicycles in North America" is correct when noted: "The future of the handcrafted bicycle lies in the non-racers, the enthusiast riders who are educated and looking for the best bicycle. Now it is our job to redefine what the best bicycle is ."


For more info on these visit Ahearne Cycles.

In a show packed with talented builders, here is a snapshot of the man behind the bikes: Two minutes with Three Frame Builders:

Vanilla Bicycles
Sacha White
Portland, Oregon
Sacha White, 29, started building frames six and a half years ago. His original interest was in classic scooter restoration, working on Vespas. But after four years as a bike messenger, his interest shifted to road and cross-country riding and racing. Favorite bike: "I am a big fan of the rigid 29er," he says of the larger mountain bike wheel size." Specialty: "My passion is cyclocross. I sponsor a 'cross team." Being a bike messenger: "I was the fittest I have ever been in my life. I rode like 60 miles a day." Family: "My family is car-free. My wife and two kids walk or bike where we need to go. It is awesome."

Vicious Cycles
Carl Schlemowitz
New Paltz, NY
Inspired by his dad's metal sculpture work and his mum's artistic influence, Carl, 37, started building bikes in 1988. He enjoys the technical challenge of bike building and enjoys making bikes with an artistic flare, like his Kissy Lips frame. About Kissy Lips: The mountain bike, painted white with a red lipstick imprint pattern, is a labor of love. "It's very whimsical," said Carl, who admitted it was not built for any woman in his life in particular. Why Vicious? "The company's name is a positive thing," said Carl, who has been asked about it many times. "On one hand, the bike helps carry you away from the vicious cycle of life's stress, but it also means you need a bike vicious enough to handle tough terrain." First bike building workshop: A barn on a horse farm in rural New York state. "I was nervous about burning it down, so I moved," said Carl.

Retrotec/Curtis Inglis
Curtis Inglis
Napa, California
"I am a mountain biker at heart, " said Curtis, 37, of Napa, California. He has been building bicycles since 1993, first for Bob Seals at Retrotec in Chico, CA the in 1996 he began building under his own name in San Francisco. After relaunching the Retrotec line in 2001, he now works on two lines - Inglis Cycles and Retrotec. Passion: 29ers. Two-thirds of my business is mountain bikes, said Inglis. 29ers are a growing niche, with the big tire volume, they ride really nicely and roll over things smoothly. On "curvy bikes": The retro look, with the curves "either appeals to you or makes no sense at all. At shows, people either walk right by or are magnetically drawn to them. First love: For me, the curvy bikes remind me of my first 20-inch Stingray I had as a kid."

Stay tuned to www.handmadebicycleshow.com to see where the 2007 event will be held. Thanks to Karen Kefauver www.karenkefauver.com for the words and Norman Field for the pics.


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