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Mentor: Karen Kefauver

What do Barack Obama, Lance Armstrong and a food delivery truck
in L.A. have in common? They have all harnessed the power of Twitter to
build their brand and so can you! Learn how to set up your Twitter
account in the most effective way and how to expand your business by
maintaining it for a few minutes a day. Karen will share exclusive tips
and resources during this class.

Outline for Twitter Class by Karen Kefauver
1. Intro to Twitter: Features and how it can help you
2. Maximize your profile – Key elements many people miss
3. Tweeting – Craft a successful tweet and learn when to post it
4. Community – Where to make valuable connections
5. Most Popular Apps and When to Use Them – Time saving tips!
6.  Where to Get Help with Twitter – Valuable resources
  Questions and Answers
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